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Nordic Walking Geelong

Nordic Walking Geelong

Nordic Walking is a relatively new physical activity that involves walking with specially designed poles and a learned technique to create a low stress, total body workout with the added support of poles and with less stress and strain on your joints.

Walking with poles really does make walking easier, but it’s important to understand how to use Nordic Walking poles correctly so you get the most benefit and ensure you are using the poles safely.

Nordic Walking Geelong is open to people of all ages and fitness levels.POINT%20LONSDALE.JPG

If you have a physical limitation you can use Nordic Walking to regain mobility and have a more active lifestyle - Nordic Walking for Health.

If you just want to get fitter, you can use Nordic Walking to get more aerobic benefit and use more muscles than normal walking - Nordic Walking for Fitness.

Every month Nordic Walking Geelong has free "Come and Try Nordic Walking" to introduce people to the basic Nordic Walking technique.

From October to April each year we run courses to provide the skills you need to Nordic Walk comfortably and safely and gain the most benefit. Nordic Walking course

Most weeks we have several one hour free social walks in the Geelong area which are best suited to people who have done a Nordic Walking course - our Nordic Walking Community.