Nordic Walking Waiver Form - Australian Walking Clinic
Nordic Walking Geelong

Nordic Walking Community

To join us on a walk please complete the waiver form and give it to the walk leader or return it to 209 Malop Street, Geelong 3220.

You only need to fill in this form once.

Guidelines for NW Participants

  • Each nordic walker is responsible for their own fitness and preparedness for the session: appropriate clothing & footwaer, water supplies and / medication if required.
  • Each nordic walker is responsible for presenti g the leader with their Emergency Contact membership card. (available from Nordic Walking Geelong Co-ordinator, Rae-Ellen; Tel 0418 174 048)
  • Participants should not walk ahead or leave the group without first advising the leader.
  • On shared nordic walkers should give way by keeping to the far left side to avoid blocking the way for other users.
  • On public roads where there are no footpaths, nordic walkers should walk on the right hand side of the road in single file
  • Be responsible for looking where you are going and avoiding any hazards throughout the walk.
  • Be responsible for monitoring how you are feeling throughout the walk and reporting any concerns to the leader or another participant.

Happy Nordic Walking!