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Nordic Walking for Fitness

Nordic Walking Geelong's qualified Nordic Walking Instructors provide training in correct Nordic Walking technique for people who wish to gain more benefits from their current fitness program.

Nordic Walking Geelong run Nordic Walking for Fitness courses for people who wish to increase their level of fitness. Please call the Nordic Walking Co-ordinator on 0418 174 048 if you would like more information about learning Nordic Walking.

Social weekly walks with our Nordic Walking Geelong community are also beneficial to help you gain confidence in your technique and meet others who are using Nordic Walking as part of their fitness strategy. Around the world millions of Nordic Walking participants are enjoying the immense health and wellness benefits that this new form of fitness walking provides.

Even though Nordic Walking originated as a cross-training exercise for elite cross country skiers, it is an activity suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

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  • activates 90% of the body's muscles burns up to 46% more calories than regular walking

  • increases aerobic effect by up to 25% compared to regular walking

  • decreases load and strain on the lower body tones upper arms, shoulders and back muscles

  • improves lateral mobility of the spine develops core stability and strength promotes upright posture Cross Training Benefits

  • Spreads the workout across the entire body, reducing strain on any particular area

  • Sustains and builds general aerobic conditioning

  • Helps strengthen total musculature, not just sport-specific muscle groups

  • Decreases load on strained or potentially injurious ligaments, tendons, bones or joints

  • Improves integration and co-ordination of muscles

  • Promotes muscular endurance of minor muscle groups (eg. Triceps, gastrocnemius)

  • Total Body Fitness Benefits

  • Strengthens and tones core muscles, back, shoulders and legs

  • Releases tension in the neck and shoulders

  • Increases muscle flexibility and joint mobility

  • Reduces muscle fatigue due to effort being spread across body

  • Lowers risk of over-use injuries as workout spreads across whole body