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Nordic Walking for Health

Nordic Walking is accepted and being used worldwide in the treatment and management of many chronic conditions, including diabetes, arthritis, neuromuscular and cardiovascular-related diseases.

The standout feature of this low-impact form of fitness walking is that the Nordic Walking technique can readily be adapted to cater for patients' individual needs and to provide specific outcomes.

Our certified Nordic Walking Instructor, Paul Graham, provides training in correct technique and is able to modify the Nordic Walking technique to suit your physical limitations and specific health needs. This technique may differ significantly from the technique used for fitness.

Social weekly walks with the Nordic Walking Geelong community are also beneficial to help you gain confidence and meet others who are using Nordic Walking as part of their health management plan.

Nordic Walking Geelong run a Nordic Walking for Health course for people with limited mobility.

Please call the Nordic Walking Co-ordinator on 0418 174 048 if you would like more information about learning Nordic Walking.


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